Abbie Arevalo Herrera / First UU Church / Richmond, VA

Abbie Arevalo-Herrera and her oldest daughter cross the border of the United States to seek asylum fleeing the abuse and persecution she received by her ex partner.

Maria Chavalan Sut / Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church / Charlottesville, VA

MarĂ­a Chavalan Sut, indigenous woman from Guatemala, fled to the United States after individuals threatened to kill her in an effort to usurp her land. This people set fire to her home in Guatemala City while Maria and her family were inside.

Carlos Bernate

I'm a Colombian documentary photographer whose work is dedicated to my community. The stories that I attempt to represent are my desire to document, since they deal with themes related to human rights, Identity and social issues; this in order to exteriorize the bond and the empathy that I always try to establish with those who are photographed and in this way deliver a part of myself in each story seeking to understand and recognize my own story through others.
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