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What happened to Raúl Carvajal?


 As we celebrated the end of one war we also still suffer for old wounds. Although peace is signed and many things are changing, others will clearly cost a lot more or maybe won't change either. It is not yet known how or why sergeant Raúl Carvajal, the son of Raúl Carvajal Pérez, was killed and tortured. Raúl who has been traveling throughout the whole country for more than a decade, denouncing the murder of his son.

When I first met Raul I was barely in my second semester of photography and I did not have much knowledge or equipment to do anything longer than what I did at that time. But what really matters to me, is what today only motivates me. To use photography as a testimony and I know I'm being totally idealistic and romantic but I always wanted to contribute to the lives of those who I portray since I always generate very strong bonds with them and I always end up so within their lives, that I charge myself a lot of their pain or joy. Also because I do not think that anyone should always only focus on the suffering of people to tell stories.

I met Raúl when he was sleeping in his truck at the Av. Jiménez with 7th in Bogotá-Colombia, and while we shared a coffee and he told me his story, something was borned inside of me and so I will always believe that this project is one of the most valuable in my carreer since it gave me a path and changed everything that I thought about photography, human  rights and the history of my country, which at that time I was a total ignorant about the subject. I owe lot to Raúl, all time he endured me by annoying him and nosing into his life, but more than anything, to me this project won´t finish until the truth is known: What happened to Raúl Carvajal?

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